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A website to look at the technologies, economics and politics of tidal energy

The UK's first fully operational tidal electric generation scheme in Strangford Lough


UK Companies Involved in Tidal Power

ARE has a 5-year exclusive lease to research, survey, and test tidal power devices in the waters off Alderney. An estimated 1-3GW of power is available. Simple open centre turbines are their favoured technology.

Based at Stromness in Orkney, EMEC was established to help the evolution of marine energy devices from the prototype stage into the commercial market place.

The RTT is a bi-directional horizontal axis turbine housed in a symmetrical venturi duct. A gravity foundation will allow the RTT to be deployed quickly and with little or no seabed preparation at depths in excess of 40m.

MCT's SeaGen tidal turbine is a modular technology. A number of SeaGen units will be deployed together much like wind turbines in wind farms. The first unit was deployed in Strangford Loch in 2008.

This company is developing a technology based on hydrofoils moving beneath the surface to generate tidal electricity in shallow waters. They claim this can generate more energy than conventional turbines.

Consortium based at Swansea University is developing a gearless low speed generator with only one moving part offering a high efficiency over a range of speeds with minimal maintenance demands.

A solution for cost effective deployment of tidal generators into deeper water tidal currents. The system uses semi-submersible towers instead of conventional towers fixed to the seabed.

Tocardo are developing retro-fittable turbines for inshore and near deployment on barrages, bridges etc plus high speed river turbines and large scale turbines for deep water offshore deployment.

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